Monday, June 24, 2019


41 Inglewood Drive, Hamilton, ON c. 1910
I Photos by Tom Vogel & Chantal Saxe for Vogel Creative I

Vintage Photo

#41 Inglewood is FRESH on the market with all the accoutrements an old home lover could ask for. Starts with a killer address on a 1.18-acre country in the city lot, followed by a near stem to stern renovation and topped with thoughtful finishes throughout from matched mouldings to coffered ceilings to pocket doors. No brick has been left unturned in this beauty.

The house was originally built around 1910 for James King, Manager of Diamond Flint Glass Company, later Dominion Glass in Hamilton. Fitting given the walls of windows and doors serving as floodgates to natural light throughout.

The current homeowners have enjoyed Inglewood for 12-months following a 3-month extensive renovation. In fact, they were planning to make it their forever home but an opportunity recently came up so their renovation is your reward. The future owners will benefit from all the quality custom finishes that are super thoughtful vs commoditized.

Fresh Features:
  • The gardens formerly landscaped by the Royal Botanical Gardens, recently rejuvenated, offer majestic and mature trees, tiered seating areas, stone patios, and a tranquil pond and waterfall feature

Vintage Photo

  • Original leaded glass vestibule
  • Gorgeous new white oak flooring with beautifully appointed herringbone pattern
  •  Immaculate original & new baseboards, crown, casings, trim & wainscoting


Vintage Photo (Archway was closed - above - and reopened with the current renovation)

  • Newly crafted, albeit historically appropriate, oak coffered & decorative ceilings adorn the dining room & office (respectively)

BEFORE: Brunschwig et Fils wallpaper no more

BEFORE: Office

  • Comprehensive systems updating throughout - windows, doors, wiring, plumbing, mechanical with two separate HVAC systems for comfort control, eaves, soffit, fascia

How the market is reacting:
  • Hands down the most stunning home in Hamilton. #allthedetails

  • Finally - A house that was treated with Respect! Modern yet tasteful and Classic! WOW!

  • Wow I really admire people with design vision! Stunning Reno!
  • Their taste is wonderful. The blend of old and new is masterful!


  • Good God I would feel like a princess in this place. What beautiful design! And that beamed ceiling in the dining room!!!


  • This is how a reno is done.

  • So much light for an older home. It invades all the corners.

  • Zomg. Wow. This one punched me right in the gut. I love it. Now, to start selling organs...

  • I was just lamenting my lack of a trust fund and or independent wealth...

  • Anyone have a winning lotto ticket they wanna give me? #want. Gorgeous!
  • OMG this is totally my dream home!!!!!

  • Whoever did this deserves a medal!
  • So much to take in ... so beautiful...
  • I want to move into the master bathroom, I think

  • I may need to move

Offered at $2.1 million
Listing with Elizabeth Parker at Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd.
View full listing HERE

Elizabeth Parker - Sales Representative

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. The Reno is the best I've seen.
    It won't be around long.