Saturday, May 13, 2023


Those who know us, know we've moved a lot. We're serial movers who are now living in our eighth home. With each we never plan to leave the last, but we also never say, 'never'.

It may seem weird to some, but we love the thrill of a new home. The new adventure. The new memories. The new 'making it your own'. The only part we dislike is the actual moving part (lol). The boxes. The packing. The unpacking. The unpacking procrastination.

Reminiscing on our homes of past, its incredible to reflect how much we've done and how far we've come. Each home holds special meaning and memories.

One such home recently changed hands again and it really triggered some emotions. Happy. Sad. Nostalgia.

It was the home we lived in the longest. The home where our youngest child spent her formative years. The home where we did our first major renovations. The home where we put our stamp (lots of bold stamps)! The home we truly lived in and grew with.

We had blow-up waterslides and petting zoos on our front lawn. We tobogganed and built a treehouse in the back. New neighbours. Original neighbours. Christmases. Easters. Communions. Birthday parties. Playdates. Countless eBay, Kijiji and Marketplace finds. A place we loved laying our heads to sleep.  

The living part is what humanizes a house and makes it a home. But when a house goes for sale its almost like the living is erased to wipe the slate for the future. Often, the living picture is lost so a new one can develop. So many moments and memories are packed away when they should be celebrated and seen. So celebrate and show, I will. This post will look at a house we lived in and loved. 

We now refer to it as 'Freeman1' since we came back to the same street (different house) after we moved. Funny as there are only 8 houses on the entire street. I guess that means we lived in 25% of them!

The couple who purchased Freeman 1 (4 Freeman Place) off us were lovely and we kept in touch throughout their tenure. They too loved the house, but life took them a different direction across the country. It was amazing to see all the changes they made. Changes made with love that were personal and meaningful. They were people who loved and were letting go. Just like us.

Have a look at our candid legacy. No real estate photos. Just authentic and real moments and memories. Then enjoy the evolution of what 4 Freeman Place is today (photos by VOGELcreative). I hope the new owners can live in it and love it just as much.

4 Freeman Place, March, 2023

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