Wednesday, September 4, 2019


These two early twentieth century homes will have you seeing 'two-dor'.

Meet, 21 Markland St, #HamOnt circa 1917 SOLD 

Also meet, 16 Ravenscliffe Ave, #HamOnt circa 1922 SOLD

Both homes boast exceptional locations, curb appeal and equity potential (great bones with dated kitchens, baths and finishes). In fact both of these Tudor style homes are so similar its hard to really differentiate beyond personal taste. Well, one is heavier on carpet and price and the other has the leg up on location and privacy.

Side-by-Side Comparison...

Which would you choose if Ravenscliffe hadn't already sold?
Based on home alone, my choice would be Markland. However, if based on location, it would be Ravenscliffe (hands-down THE ADDRESS TO IMPRESS despite being less than 2-blocks apart).

21 Markland Street

View Full listing details HERE
Photos by Tom Vogel,

16 Ravenscliffe Avenue

Photos by Tom Vogel,

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