Thursday, November 23, 2023


The current market is largely defined by ‘those who can’ and those who ‘must’. No more middle ground wanderlust. You either need to move or have an income impervious to inflation or interest.

20 Stuart Street, Guelph, ON. Photo from Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited.

If you need to crunch the numbers, it’s not worth it. Sit tight and drool on.

Too bad because there is plenty of temptation out there:

3 Ravenscliffe Ave, Hamilton, ON

Circa 1917

Offered at $2.550M

Photos by Vogel Creative

View full listing HERE

125 Aberdeen Ave, Hamilton, ON

Circa 1909

Offered at $3.250M

Photos by APi 360 Photography

View full listing HERE

30 South St W, Dundas, ON

Circa 1847

Offered at $2.990M

Photos from Sotheby's International Realty Canada

View full listing HERE


180 Concession St, Hamilton, ON

Circa 1800s

Offered at $1.999M

Photos by Vogel Creative

View full listing HERE


436 Queen St S, Hamilton, ON

Circa 1923

Offered at $2.195M

Photos by Cathy Koop Photography

View full listing HERE


9 Victoria St, Dundas, ON

Circa 1880

Offered at $2.650M

Photos by Vogel Creative

View full listing HERE


1689 Concession 2 Rd W, Lynden, ON

Circa 1830-71

Offered at $2.490M

Photos by Vogel Creative

View full listing HERE


496 Wilson St E, Ancaster, ON

Circa 1928

Offered at $2.599M

Photos from Woolcott Real Estate

View full listing HERE


20 Stuart St, Guelph, ON

Circa 1854

Offered at $5.150M

Photos from Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited

View full listing HERE


And the list goes on.

I’m witnessing a top-heavy market with a massive seller vs buyer imbalance, given many of the current listings are only obtainable to ‘those who can.’ There’s just too many jaw-droppers for this small group to bite on.

Luckily, one $2.9M home recently found their match. 9 Turner Avenue, a grand 1910 Georgian located in Hamilton’s prestigious Durand South neighbourhood, set multiple records:

Highest reported residential sale ever in Hamilton West

Highest residential sale in Hamilton-proper to date in 2023

3rd highest reported residential sale in Hamilton-proper ever

Have a look at this swoon-worthy estate, photographed by Cathy Koop Photography.

Final Thought: Just because 'you can', does it mean you should? Yes, the real estate market always seems to appreciate but the price of some of these luxury homes seem over the top. Especially when they are breaking records with little high-end buyer competition. FOMO? KUWTJ??

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