Saturday, June 2, 2018


Remember the 1990s expression 'Butter Face'? Well, it made a comeback this year in the #HamOnt market as Butter Price. Meaning hot house, except for her (but her, butter) price!  Sounds mean to pick on these poor old homes but, ultimately, the market speaks. 

The latest butter price is 278 Charlton Avenue West. I mean, look at her. She's stunning. 

Corner lot, crazy walk-a-bility, stained glass windows, arched pocket doors, hardwood floors, Victorian tiled fireplace, the list goes on...Seriously, what's not to love?

Why wouldn't she be scooped up in an instant by in-market home buyers? Well, her original asking price of $1,149,000 was very ambitious, in my opinion. There are no comps for even close on Charlton, and other Durand 'solds' are not apples to apples.

Despite price criticism, the open houses were well attended. In fact, a few offers poured in. However, they were not high enough for the seller. It was early, so I don't blame them for not being hasty to accept. However time passed and the offers didn't reach the million dollar expectations. Eventually the price dropped, and now there is a conditional offer.

The market has spoken and I expect this gorgeous home to be FRESHLY picked, aka, SOLD very soon! Congrats to the new, and very lucky, buyers :) 

People liked 278 Charlton Av W when it first came on the market BUT price was obviously a barrier as the majority preferred a similar home, listed for nearly half the asking price

More than three quarters of those surveyed felt 278 Charlton Av W was priced too high. It has since been reduced to $1,049,00 (<$100,000 original ask) and now has a conditional offer.

Check out these other six butter price recent SOLDS

135 Aberdeen Ave SOLD for nearly $2.0 million under her highest asking price!

12 Ravenscliffe SOLD for $550,000 under her highest asking price!

6 Ravenscliffe SOLD for nearly $500,000 under her asking price! 

395 Queen St S.  SOLD for $1.2 million under her highest asking price!

48 Aberdeen Ave SOLD for $130,000 under her asking price!

41 Inglewood Dr, despite 4 offers, SOLD for $100,000 under her asking price!

MORE pictures of 278 Charlton Avenue West to drool over :)

View the virtual tour HERE

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