Monday, December 17, 2012


Laying the first brick to my new blog - FRESH BRICK. I love old homes and home design and I am always on the look out for fresh re-sale listings and fresh decor ideas. And even though I've settled into my dream home my eyes are always wandering for what's new (but old) in the Hamilton (and surrounding) real estate market. Its kind of an obsession but truth be told there's some amazing "SHIT" out there and if I can't own them all I at least need to share my excitement for them with all of you! So stay tuned for some FRESH BRICK as soon as they are ready to pick. I'll try to squeeze out something fresh once a week...

Below are my top picks for what's FRESH now on

1. Unbelievable 1850s Gothic Condo, Hamilton, Ontario! View Virtual Tour Here

13 Inglewood Drive, Hamilton, ON

2. 1906 Edwardian Beauty, Ancaster, Ontario View Virtual Tour Here

3. 1850 Scottish Baronial Manor House, Paris, Ontario View Virtual Tour Here

4. 1860s Manor Home, Paris, Ontario View Virtual Tour Here

5. 1858 Stone Terrace House Condo, Historic Sandyford Place View Virtual Tour Here

Click to learn more!

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