Monday, November 23, 2015


How long have you been shooting Hamilton and area homes?

I started shooting Hamilton homes in 2000 as a photojournalist for the Spectator. I shot and wrote the Spec Homes and New Homes articles each week for over 7 years. That opened a lot of doors for me - literally. It was a natural step to move into the virtual tour business. Agents and builders knew my work well and welcomed my approach to this interactive frontier.

Do you love your job? Not going to lie - I'm pretty jealous.

I get to go out every day and capture beauty with my lens. I still have to pinch myself and wonder how amazing that is. Quite frankly, I can't believe I get paid to do the work I do.

You shoot all kinds of homes; does the novelty ever wear off?

After all these years, I still delight in exploring homes with my lens. The market value of the home makes little difference to me - if natural light plays freely throughout, if character is found around every corner - It thrills me and inspires my best work. Remaining open to each home's unique beauty keeps me from ever becoming jaded.

What is your most favourite home /room you have shot and why?

That Inglewood mansion and I have had an ongoing love affair for over 10'years. From Spec shoots to numerous iSpace virtual tours - I have been through almost every inch of it and I still can't get enough of its grandeur. Soaring stained glass, hand carved railings, decorative high ceilings, secret gardens - the list goes on. It's like shooting Downton Abbey in the heart of Hamilton.

Click HERE to view some more photos from Tom


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