Friday, November 20, 2015


"The Transitionals"

Sara and Tim and their three kids call an early twentieth century brick 'foursquare' home.

The household’s design decisions are shared, but Sara jokes that she has veto power. Her favourite Hollywood home is ideally, Ferris Bueller’s ravine house combined with House of Cards’ DC townhome.  Realistically, it’s a lot like Toy Story.

As an architect, design has always been an integral part of her life.  She follows various design blogs and Instagram feeds covering architecture, art, modern craft, and fashion.  Travel is a huge inspiration when it comes to her style. After visiting Istanbul, a recent design obsession is kilims. Her children also play a huge factor, often experiencing life through their eyes. Some of her most prized possessions include their artwork and handcrafted gifts, for obvious reasons.

Sara’s a ‘paint-it-white kind of a gal’ who tries not to judge in the design department. According to her, “Taste is so personal.”  She recognizes that something may not aesthetically appeal to her but may have huge value to someone else.  “As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


The family moved to Hamilton last year after living in Germany for three years. They have always lived in older homes and like their rooms bright, airy and filled with happy family vibes. 

No surprise their favourite room in their home is their living room.  It’s spacious and a great place to hang with the family. It also features sentimental artwork (Doris McCarthy) over their mantle, purchased on their honeymoon in Jasper.

Sara and Tim haven’t purchased anything new in a while however their dining room light fixture is a recent find from Lofty Ambitions on Ottawa Street. Sara admits if money was no object, she would love an Eero Saarinen tulip dining room table with a marble top. She finds its form juxtaposed with the character of older homes really exciting.

The majority of Sara and Tim’s furniture and d├ęcor has been curated from family hand me downs with sentimental value (a chair Sara’s father used when he harvested vegetables from the garden, a vintage sewing basket of her mothers, and a wood crate gifted from grandparents ), Ebay or Kijiji finds, mementos from travels, thrifted, or what Sara calls ‘curb-side delight’.

Their biggest project since moving in was a bathroom renovation which included outfitting the home's original clawfoot tub found in the attic crawl space with new fixtures, a rainfall showerhead, heated tile floors and a double vanity.

Both Sara and Tim are delighted to call Hamilton home. There are many creative and stylish people either from here or currently living in this city.  Most of the people they’ve met while living in this area are lovers of older homes and they are constantly impressed with the great pride and care they take in older-home ownership and preservation.


Q&A with SARA

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"I absolutely LOVE Fresh Brick! I stumbled upon Adam’s blog while researching Hamilton’s real estate market prior to moving here. His love and appreciation for Hamilton’s cache of fine historic homes is impressive and has not gone unnoticed within this city’s real estate scene.  Through his passion he has created tremendous excitement and a long overdue appreciation for Hamilton’s older homes, for owners and admirers alike."

Photos by Tom Vogel,

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